History of The Hamburger

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Have you ever thought about how the hamburger came to be? Where did it originate? Who’s idea was it to take some ground meat and place it between a bun? Let’s go back in history to uncover the mystery surrounding the great hamburger!

It is thought that the burger part originated in Hamburg, Germany. Yes that makes sense just look at the word it’s almost a Hamburger. The meat came from cows raised in the German countryside and it was ground and seasoned and it sold for a hefty price tag!

It was when some people from Germany immigrated to America and opened restaurants in the big cities that the Hamburg steak found its way to the American Menu’s.

No one actually knows for sure who invented the hamburger, who decided to place the first hamburg steak between a bun but it is thought that is was due to serving the dish to workers who were working in industry and factories. They found it difficult to eat the steak and hold it in their hands so someone must have came up with the idea of using a bun to allow them to eat it with much more ease.

So no big mystery there then however fast forward to the present day and we are spoiled for choice with hamburgers coming in all shapes and sizes with about every different flavour and condiment you can imagine. From beef to chicken and now a very popular option of a veggie burger made with beans. There is a burger for everyone!

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