The Death Of Chain Restaurants?


For awhile, it seemed as though the ‘chain restaurant’ was king of the food world. There are plenty of benefits, after all; the food is consistent, it’s fairly inexpensive, and you know what you’re getting each and every time. But at the same time, isn’t there something just a bit unnerving about that? Sure, there is comfort in consistency, but if a dish is prepared the exact same way every single time, and served to you in a matter of minutes (for a dish that should probably take quite a long time), isn’t there plenty to question?

Today, people are recognising more than ever the importance of not only where their food comes from, but how it is prepared. Most people are no longer satisfied with the idea that their food is being brought out from a can, or shipped across the country from frozen. That’s where chain restaurants simply cannot compete with local, independent places.

By supporting local restaurants, you’re doing so much more than just boosting your local economy; you’re getting real food, that was made with care and passion. Most local places are proud to use ingredients you can find nearby. That means fresh food for you, and a lot of business for the restaurant. What’s more, the food itself is only half of what makes local independent restaurants special.

The other half comes from the overall experience. When you walk into a chain restaurant, no one is going to know who you are, or what you like. When you become an established dine-in guest to an independent place, they’re bound to treat you like family. Customer experience is better overall, because independent restaurants are proud to be a part of their community. That passion shows through and through, in the food, the atmosphere, and through the people working there. Chain restaurants simply can’t compare with the entire experience.

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