The History of Eggs Benedict


You can’t go wrong starting your morning off with delicious Eggs Benedict. Normally served with a toasted muffin on the bottom and topped with ham and poached egg covered in hollandaise sauce, although there are variations. Let’s have a look at how this marvellous dish came to be…

As with most food discoveries there are a few versions of how the dish came to be a popular breakfast choice. Firstly it can be assumed that the dish became popular in New York City. Lemuel Benedict claimed that he ordered this dish although he requested bacon instead of the ham as a cure to his hangover. He placed his order in the Waldorf Hotel in 1894 and the dish then became part of the menu however the bacon was replaced with ham.

Another challenge to claim the dish originated with Commodore E.C. Benedict. He is supposed to have written a letter to The New York Times food columnist detailing the recipe which he received from his uncle. Finally the restaurant Delmonico’s which is the first restaurant to open in the United states in the 1860’s claim to have came up with Eggs Benedict. Charles Ranhofer was the chef and has published a cookbook in which he details the recipe. This was published in 1894 and describes ‘Eggs a la benedick’.

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