The Top 5 Savoury Pies To Get Your Mouth Watering


The savoury pie is the perfect comfort food. With such a big selection to choose from whether you prefer all pastry or a potato topping, a beef filling or maybe chicken or fish you can’t go wrong with a classic savoury pie. Here we will look at our top 5 savoury pies, mouthwatering guaranteed!

1. Steak and ale pie

A British traditional classic made with steak, gravy and ale filling enclosed in pastry this pie is a comfort food heaven.

2. Chicken and Leek Pie

An Irish classic this popular pie is homemade goodness. It is a delicious soft meat pie which is made with a filling of chicken, leeks, onions and ham and topped with light puff pastry.

3. Chicken Balti Pie

This pie has taken the UK by storm. With football lovers enjoying these curry pies at half time they certainly are a popular choice both in England and Scotland. Sold as a ready made pie in most stores, you really are missing out until you try a chicken balti pie.

4. Meat and Potato Pie

A popular english pie which has a similar filling to the cornish pasty. The pie is made up of the outer pastry filled with potato, meat and carrot and onion in some varieties. This type of pie is a very popular take away choice.

5. Peppered mushroom and stilton pie

A hearty pie for vegetarians, it is the perfect comfort food pie made with buttery pastry and filled with stilton giving it a sharp and tangy edge and creamy mushrooms to compliment.

So there you have it the top 5 Pies! Now it’s time to go and try them all out. If you head over to Jessie Mays Bar and Kitchen in Edinburgh the you can say aye to a pie with the fabulous dedicated savoury pie menu with a massive selection of homemade delicious savoury pies to try.

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